Acapulco Zona Diamante

Acapulco Diamond Zone goes from the scenic road to the south until Barra Vieja. The airport is 15 minutes away. Since Acapulco Zona Diamante is the newest area of this location you can´t miss it.

Acapulco "Zona Diamante" is the newest area of Acapulco and it offers the visitors an astonish infrastructure with modern hotels, spectacular residences, luxurious condos, and private villages. "Punta Diamante", as this area is known, is a destination that you should not miss while visiting Acapulco.

Acapulco "Zona Diamante" is limited in one of its extremes by the scenic road and it extends towards south of the town until the area known as "Barra Vieja". It is located about 15 minutes of Acapulco International Airport. By air, Acapulco is easily reachable from almost any city in North America. By land, it is about 200 miles (320 km.) southwest of Mexico City. By sea, many cruiser lines come from the United States to harbor in the peer, located in the "Zona Dorada".

Acapulco "Zona Diamante" is about the most innovating building developments around this tourist destination. From the scenic road you can enjoy astonish views of the Pacific Ocean, luxurious hotels, and private villages. Here are also spectacular golf courses.

Acapulco "Zona Diamante" enjoys splendid panoramic views with steep mountains, the Black Lagoon, and "Puerto Marques " Bay. Here you can appreciate a tourist destination that combines first class real state with complete services, including hotels, spas, shopping malls, golf courses, beach clubs, and sport centers.

Beaches in Acapulco "Zona Diamante" are, mainly, "Playa Pichilingue", "Puerto Marques", and "Playa Majahua" where the waves are smooth and the slope is short and deep. There is also "Playa Revolcadero", but it is only recommended for experienced swimmers who like adrenaline.

Acapulco, in any of its zones, offers all the attractions that a great tourist destination ought to have. There are several banks, currency exchange companies, charters airlines, markets, shopping malls, restaurants, discos, car rental companies, and a long list of activities in order for visitors to enjoy their stay. The weather is subtropical almost the whole year and temperature varies, according to altitude, between 24 and 33° C. or 75 to 91° F.