Pie de la Cuesta, Acapulco

Pie de la Cuesta is a zone that extends several kilometers along the northwest coast of Acapulco. From different points in Pie de la Cuesta astonishing sunsets can be contemplated, what is highly recommended by visitors.

Pie de la Cuesta is a zone that initiates some kilometers northwest of "La Quebrada", in the opposite direction to the "Zona Tradicional". It extends on the coast line and it is flanked by a lagoon known as "Tres Palos". It is the furthest zone from the international airport in Acapulco, which is 45 minutes away by car. By air, Acapulco is easily reachable from almost any city in North America. By land, it is about 200 miles (320 km.) southwest of Mexico City. By sea, many cruiser lines come from the United States to harbor in the peer, located in the "Zona Dorada".

Pie de la Cuesta in Acapulco is an area where a salt water lagoon with the same name is located. This lagoon features exuberant tropical vegetation. Here, tourist can visit two islands known as "La Pelona" and "La Montosa". Pie de la Cuesta is a marvelous place to practice water ski or to go out sailing to enjoy the sun and the breeze of the sea.

Pie de la Cuesta features an area with a tropical system of lagoons. It is ideal to rent a boat to row or, if you prefer, just to walk to enjoy nature and the different species that inhabit it. Several water sports are also practiced here.

Close to this area is "Tres Palos" Lagoon that also has an exuberant vegetation. It is recommended to practice water ski here, to enjoy high speed wave-runners, to row on a sail, or to go out early for a fishing day. It is possible to get an ecological tour to admire different faun species or to visit a botanical garden. Tourists enjoy beautiful landscapes with mountains, trees, and tropical weather amid peace sponsored by nature.

Acapulco, in any of its zones, offers all the attractions that a great tourist destination ought to have. There are several banks, currency exchange companies, charters airlines, markets, shopping malls, restaurants, discos, car rental companies, and a long list of activities in order for visitors to enjoy their stay. The weather is subtropical almost the whole year and temperature varies, according to altitude, between 24 and 33° C. or 75 to 91° F.