Galleries Diana, Acapulco

Galleries Diana in Acapulco is the biggest shopping mall in the city, offering more than 135 stores in a luxurious environment.

With more than 135 stores in 2 levels, Galleries Diana offers all the comfort and facilities you can expect from a modern shopping center. From designer stores to the local handicraft shops ran by Huichol Indians, or the famous jewelry stores that made Acapulco one of the best shopping destinations in Mexico. In addition, take advantage of the great prices you will find for leather articles such as shoes, hand bags and suitcases. There is an impressive food court and many delicious restaurants offering from traditional Mexican cuisine to eclectic international. There is a movie theater also, playing the newest blockbusters from Hollywood.

Located along the Av La Costera, in Acapulco’s golden zone, facing the Pacific Ocean, La Gran Plaza is easy to reach by local bus or taxi. It is located facing the huge Icacos beach on the South end of the Bay. Downtown Acapulco is less than 10 minutes by car.

Most of the shops accept credit cards and US Dollars, but keep in mind that you will not get the best exchange rate of the city. We suggest you to buy using Mexican pesos. There are many ATM´s and money exchange facilities at La Gran Plaza .