Whale Sharks at the Coasts of Mexico

Whale shark is the largest fish in world and they can grow up to 50 feet (15 meters). This gentle animal can be observed in the Pacific coast and at Isla Holbox, North East of Yucatan Peninsula.

The gentle whale sharks can be observed in many spots along the Mexican coasts. At several places you can snorkel or dive with them and experience their majestic movements trough the sea.

About Whale Sharks: Whale sharks are the largest fishes of the world and can grow up till 50 feet (15 meters). Unlike other members of the group, whale sharks are not hunting meat eaters. Similar to some whales, whale sharks sieve plankton.

In 1829, Andrew Smith published the first scientific description of this species in the Zoological Journal. The unusual feeding behavior and the difference to other shark species has attracted a lot of biologists.

Nevertheless, due to its habitat in deep Sea, not a lot is known about the Whale Shark. We know that they are egg laying but just one egg has been found so far. This embryo indicates that when they are hatchling they are a small copy of the huge parents.

Locations: Isla Holbox, at the Eastern tip of Peninsula Yucatan is an optimal place for whale shark watching. Local fishermen provide boat trips to the feeding places of whale sharks.

You can go in the sea with snorkeling equipment and enjoy an encounter with this huge animal. Due to their gentle character you have nothing to fear. Actually, they just ignore you and continue their path.