Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is located a few miles off the coast of Cancun and represents the easternmost point of Mexico. It is an 8 km long and about 500 meter wide island and is one of the favorite destinations in the area of Cancun.

Isla Mujeres is located a few miles off the coast of Cancun. The island is one of the favorite destinations in the Cancun area, with crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and the charm of a fisherman village with all the amenities you could expect.

Isla Mujeres can be reached by ferry. An old car ferry leaves from Punta Sam twice a day. From Puerto Juarez 2 terminals offer the ride on fast and modern boats. There is a departure every 30 minutes all day long and the trip lasts less than half an hour. The cost is around $3.00 USD per people. From Cancun Hotel Zone, there are several tours to Isla Mujeres. You can easily spend a day there and discover a truly beautiful Caribbean island.

Isla Mujeres offers a lot of activities for everyone. The beach on the north, Playa Norte, is an ideal spot to swim and to enjoy the beach. The north west side of the island, almost where the ferries dock, is the best place to go snorkel with hundreds of colorful fish around. A little off the coast is the Cancun Marine Park, a federal Reserve, where you can go diving and visit the famous Cave of the Sleeping Sharks.

On the south of the Island, you can find El Garrafon park to spend a great day. Close to it there is is the famous Hacienda Mundaca (built by a pirate for the love of a local woman), with its own zoo. It's worth the visit.

Isla Mujeres is a great place to discover the Mexican culinary art, with a lot of restaurants in downtown. You will find from pizza to seafood, and steak houses. The nightlife center is on the north side, with some bars on the beach and some small restaurant-bars in town.

The easiest way to move around is renting a golf cart or by taxi. The island is 8 km long and 500 meters wide, with a huge lagoon in the center. You can visit the Sea Turtle Reserve or Playa Lancheros where you can spend a nice day at the beach, and try the delicious fish at the local restaurant.

Isla Mujeres is a great option to spend your vacations in the Caribbean Sea, in a relaxed environment. Close to Cancun and Isla Contoy, the island has its own charm and allows you to enjoy Mexico to the fullest.