Los Cabos Ecology

  • Baja California Desert in Los Cabos, Mexico

    Histories from the conquistadors tell that they found a fierce warrior-women army commanded by mythical queen Calafia, when they arrived in the peninsula. Whether or not they existed, truth is that the settlemet of this land wasn't easy for the Spani

  • Gray Whales

    Baja California Peninsula and the sea that separates it from continental Mexico constitute a real natural sanctuary for many species, marine and terrestrial, thriving in an almost unspoiled environment. Some ecologists have recognized one of the last

  • Sea Lions in Los Cabos, Mexico

    If you have been in an amusement marine park, you know your day is not complete without the show performed by some excellent swimmers, naturally friendly, dark-brown haired, known as seals. However, these playful mammals are really sea lions, from th

  • Sharks of Baja California

    In the waters surrounding the Baja Peninsula navigate 34 of the more of 350 sharks species that exist in the world. Between the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortes) and Revillagigedo Islands, 386 km. (240 miles) south of Cabo San Lucas, it is possible