Culture in Merida

  • Arab Influence in Yucatecan Cuisine

    But how come a Middle Eastern dish made it all the way to shown in crystal boxes, on shoulders or bikes of men and women all over the Yucatan Peninsula?

  • General Canton and His Palace

    Among all the mansions framing elegant Montejo Avenue in Merida city, Casa de Canton has become a well-known landmark for its exquisite neo-classical architecture, stately displayed in the corner of the aforesaid avenue and street 43. However, maybe

  • Regional Museum of Anthropology

    The Regional Museum of Anthropology in Merida is worth the visit for several reasons. It is housed in one of the most beautiful palaces of Paseo de Montejo, it also has some of the most exclusive artifacts, from the Maya civilization to present day i

  • Temazcal - The Womb of Mother Earth

    The word temazcal is nahuatl for steam house and it is how the Aztecs called their steam bath with medicinal herbs.