History in Merida

  • Maya Ruins of Uxmal

    The economical richness and political power of the inhabitants of Uxmal resulted in numerous impressive structures displaying the different styles of the periods and dispersed on a large area.

  • The Flower on the Stone - The Mayan Writing

    The Mayan writing system is the only deciphered Mesoamerican writing system so far. Mayans wrote painting over ceramics, stucco and tree-bark, however most of the few writings that have survived up to now are carved in stone and wood.

  • The Maya Civilization

    Maya civilization was one of the most advanced in its time, particularly in astronomy, mathematics, and architecture. The Mayas left us a lot of archaeological sites to explore and allow us to better understand them.

  • The Olmec Civilization

    The Olmec Civilization was centered in southern Mexico. They began to rise around 1150BC and slowly disappeared around 900 BC. Their most known vestiges include the gigantic heads which can be found around San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan.