Culture in Mexico City

  • Charros in Mexico

    Charros in Mexico are the equivalent of the Cow Boys. They come from a long tradition and they are a live representation of Mexico. The charreada or rodeo is a national sport. Their colorful clothing and skills with horses and bulls are well known al

  • Contemporary Art in Mexico

    Some years ago a friend of mine told me she was visually exhausted after her first trip to Mexico. Far from offensive, her confession was of gratitude to life... few days after she started painting.

  • Defeating Evil with a Piñata

    Whoever has attended a family or community celebration in Mexico, knows that there is a ritual everyone awaits for: the Piñata. Even though it is mostly associated with Mexico, little is known about its origins and how it became so ubiquitous in Mexi

  • Frida Khalo

    In 2006, during an auction in Sotheby’s in New York City, a painting called “Raices” (Roots) achieved a record price of 5.6 million dollars, becoming the most expensive Latin American piece of art ever sold. Frida Kahlo, the author, is the most renow

  • Mariachis

    Mariachis are a long tradition and they are a synonymous of Mexico. Their origin is in the state of Jalisco, northwest of the country, in the 1800's. But Mariachis and their typical music are now well known all over Mexico and the world.

  • Mexican Food Ingredients

    It seems difficult to imagine an Italian pizza without tomato, a Thanks Giving dinner without a turkey, a Spanish afternoon-snack without chocolate or an Asian platter without chili. It would be just as surprising as picturing a Mexican landscape wit

  • Papantla Flyers

    The Papantla Flyers perform a unique religious ceremony. Dating back thousands of years, this ritual is still performed for the joy of the tourists and to keep the tradition alive.

  • Popocatepetl – The Smoking Mountain

    Two of the highest volcanoes in Mexico stand some 43 miles southeast from Mexico City and they have been the leading roles in many Mexican legends and history. While Iztaccihuatl is already extinct, Popocatepetl has been active ever since we have rec

  • Saint Juan Diego and the Virgin of Guadalupe

    Hernan Cortez conquered the Nahua (Aztec) empire in 1521, only 30 years after the Spaniards themselves accomplished the conquest of the territory that was to become Spain. Such conquest was a historic process nonetheless complicated that lasted a lit

  • Tequila, National Drink from Mexico

    Tequila is probably one of the best known liquors in the world. It is is a tradition in Mexico and you should take advantage of your stay in the country to buy and taste some of the finest tequilas available.

  • The Mexican Posadas

    Nowadays, the end of the year is filled with celebrations in Mexico, so many that Mexicans think of it as one long celebration known by everyone as Guadalupe-Reyes marathon. Among all of them, usually the Posadas are the most crowded ones because the

  • Traditional Weddings in Mexico

    Mexican traditional celebrations are famous worldwide. Maybe it is the color or its happy hubbub, the delicious dishes or the time the celebration lasts… or maybe it is each one of these elements, because each one of them characterizes more or less e