Mexico City's Points of Interests

  • Ixtapan de la Sal, Mexico City

    Ixtapan is a place of entertainment and relaxation, which constantly renews its tourist services and has a peculiar kindness by their inhabitants. Ixtapan de la Sal, comes from the Nahuatl language and is composed of two words: iztatl and pan, meanin

  • Mexico City - Mid Insurgentes Area, México City

    The Avenue of the Insurgentes is the largest avenue in the city. It has a length of 28.8 kilometers and serves as one of the main roads of the Federal District. It starts from the Aqueduct of Guadalupe in the North of the city to the intersection wit

  • Mexico City - South Insurgentes Area

    Insurgentes Sur is one of the most important commerce areas. Insurgentes Avenue is the largest artery of Mexico City and maybe from the world. It has a length of 18 miles and serves as one of the main roads axis of the Federal District. The area of I

  • Mexico City - Viaducto Insurgentes Zone, Mexico City

    The Avenue of the Insurgentes is the largest avenue in the city and probably in the world. With a length of 36 miles, it is used as one of the main roads of Mexico City because it connects the city from North to South through 17.8 miles. It starts fr

  • Mexico City Airport, Mexico City

    The Mexico City International Airport is located 13 km or 8 miles east from Mexico City Downtown. This airport serves the largest metropolitan area of the western hemisphere and the second largest of the world.

  • Mexico City Condesa - Roma, Mexico City

    Located in the central southwest section of Mexico City, the zone Condesa-Roma belongs to Miguel Hidalgo and Cuauhtemoc boroughs. This zone borders north with Polanco and the Pink Zone; east with the traffic circle of Insurgentes; west with Chapultep

  • Mexico City Historic Center

    The most distinctive symbol of Mexico City Historic Center is the Zocalo, Constitution Square or Arms Square, which is the second largest square of the world after the Red Square of Moscow. It is flanked by the Cathedral, the National Government Pala

  • Mexico City Napoles & Del Valle, Mexiko City

    Two attractive neighborhoods in the borough Benito Juarez, in the center of Mexico City, are Colonia Napoles and Colonia del Valle. Since these two colonies are neighbors, their limits are to the north with Miguel Aleman Freeway, to the south with Jo

  • Mexico City Perinorte

    The north of Mexico City is considered mostly the industrial and business area of this metropolis. However, there are interesting attractions that visitors and tourist can enjoy a lot. Located in the north part of Mexico City next to the Highway t

  • Mexico City Polanco, Mexico City

    Considered on of the most exclusive and famous zone of Mexico city, Polanco is a culturally diverse neighborhood encompassing several colonies. It borders west with Periferico or Boulevard Avila Camacho; east with Mariano Escobedo Avenue; south with

  • Mexico City Reforma, Mexico City

    Considered the most important avenues in Mexico City, Paseo de la Reforma or Promenade of Reforma was built in the decade of 1860 during the presence in the country of the emperor Maximilian I. This 12 km. street goes from Chapultepec Castle through

  • Mexico City Santa Fe Area, Mexico City

    Located in the west side of Mexico City in the route to Toluca and within boroughs Cuajimalpa and Alvaro Obregon is Santa Fe. The newest business district of the city started to be developed in the 80´s through a master plan that still is gradually c

  • Mexico City South, Mexico City

    The south part of Mexico City is composed by 5 boroughs which are Milpa Alta, Xochimilco, Tlahuac, Tlalpan, and Coyoacan. Many interesting sites are located in this part of the city.

  • Mexico City Zona Rosa, Mexico City

    Downtown Mexico City is the district named Zona Rosa or Pink Zone. It is clearly delimited by Chapultepec Avenue in the south-southeast; Insurgentes Avenue in the southwest, Paseo de la Reforma Avenue in the north, and Circuito Interior in the west.

  • Taxco, Cuernavaca

    Located 36 km or 22 miles west of Iguala in the mountains of the state of Guerrero, the city of Taxco de Alarcon is known for its mines, its silver, and its colonial architecture. Taxco is 78 km or 48 miles south of Cuernavaca. To the east of Taxco i

  • Teotihuacan de Arista, Location, Mexico City

    Teotihuacan is located in the Valley of Mexico, far northeast and slightly in the same direction of the Mexico City. It is located 26 miles (50 minutes), from Mexico City, it can be reached by bus or car. It has a surface area of 52 square miles bord

  • Toluca de Lerdo, Mexico

    Located 65 kilometers to the west of Mexico City, Toluca is the capital city of the state of Mexico.

  • Valle de Bravo, Mexico State

    Located only 145 km. from Mexico City in southwest direction, Valle de Bravo, in the state of Mexico, is a picturesque and small town with stoned streets and a beautiful artificial lake.